6.829 | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Computer Networks

Lecture Notes

L1 L0 for background (PDF)
Part I: Internetworking and Routing
Packet Switching (PDF)
A Simple Network
L2 The Internetworking Problem (PDF)
The IP/TCP Split
Scaling IP
L3 Scaling IP (cont.) (PDF)
Routers: Forwarding and Routing
The IP Forwarding Path
T1 Tutorial on useful tools (PDF)
L4 Unicast Internet Routing: Intra- and Inter-Domain Routing (PDF)
Project suggestions handed out; proposals due 1 day after T3
L5 Internet Routing-in-the-Wild
T2 Intro to the ns2 Network Simulator (PDF)
L6 Router Design and Implementation
[Lecturer: Nick Feamster]
Security Problems with the Internet Architecture (PDF)
T3 Tutorial on IPv6 (PDF)
  Project Proposals Due (3 days after T3). Three hard copies.
L8 **Part II: Resource Management
**End-to-End Congestion Control (PDF)
L9 Router-Assisted Congestion Control: Active Queue Management (PDF)
L10 Fair Queuing and Variants (PDF)
[Lecturer: Jacob Strauss]
Modeling and Measurement-I: Packet Trains
Slides (PDF)
T5 TCP Congestion Control Impediments
L12 Adaptive Network Applications
Nick’s CM slides (PDF)
Xiaowei’s ALF slides (PDF)
T6 Quiz 1 Review
  Quiz 1: In Class (4 days after T6)
  Project Meetings (2 days after Quiz 1)
T7 Tutorial: Project Office Hours
L13 QoS-I: Why QoS; Basic Models and Architecture (PDF)
L14 QoS-II: Mechanisms and Properties
T8 Tutorial: Project Office Hours
L15 (Notes from Fall 01) Modeling and Measurement-II: Traffic Self-Similarity; Virus Propagation (PDF)
L16 Part III: Communication and Network Services
P2P Networks
Distributed Hash Table (DHT) Abstraction and Algorithms
L17 [Lecturer: Nick Feamster] Routing in Overlay Networks (PDF)
Resource Discovery
Other Examples of Lookups
Project write-up (checkpoint) due in class
L19 Wireless and Mobility: MAC Protocols, Routing
L20 Wireless Protocols: Data Transport and Sensor Data Dissemination (Cross-Layer Protocols)
T11 Anonymity (PDF)
L21 Group Communication: Multicast Routing and Transport
L22 Multicast (cont.); Scalability and Robustness in Networks (PDF)

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