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Knowledge-Based Applications Systems


Project Materials

  • Project Proposal Details (PDF)
  • Project Cautions (PDF)
  • Topics from Previous Years (PDF)
  • Project Progress Report 2 (PDF)
  • Project Progress Report 3 (PDF)

Student Projects

The final reports in this section are courtesy of the students named and used with their permission.

Shruti Chandrasekhar, and Ibrahim Tadros, “Constitution Builder”

Shruti Chandrasekhar (PDF)

Ibrahim Tadros (PDF)

Ashwin Deshpande, “Inverse Laplace Transformer” Ashwin Deshpande (PDF)
Meshkat Farrokhzadi, “Poxpert+, the Intelligent Poker Player” Meshkat Farrokhzadi (PDF)
Rodney Graham, “Film Recommendation System” Rodney Graham (PDF)
Abhra Haldar, “sEElect: An Expert System for Recommending Course VI Classes” Abhra Haldar (PDF), Appendix (PDF)
Anon., “How to Score Free Drinks From Guys” Anon. (PDF)
Kia Javanmardian, and Felix Santiago, “A Wine and Food Pairing Recommendation System”

Kia Javanmardian (PDF), Appendix (PDF)

Felix Santiago (PDF), Appendix (PDF)

Scott Ostler, “The Art and Practice of Poker Simulation” Scott Ostler (PDF)
Anon., “Transit Advisor” Anon. (PDF)
Edgar J. Terrero, and James Tolbert, II, “Groove-X”

Edgar J. Terrero (PDF)

James Tolbert, II (PDF)

Timur Tokmouline, “Web Design Assistant System” Timur Tokmouline (PDF)
Velin K Tzanov, “Algorithmic Problem Solver” Velin K Tzanov (PDF)
Jasper Vicenti, “A Knowledge-Based Computer Purchasing Advisor”  Jasper Vicenti (PDF), Appendix (PDF
Sumudu W. Watugala, “Travel Advisor for Sri Lanka” Sumudu W. Watugala (PDF)
Victor L. Williamson, “What to do With a Patient Who Has Chest Pain? CP” Victor L. Williamson (PDF)

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