6.911 | January IAP 2006 | Undergraduate

Transcribing Prosodic Structure of Spoken Utterances with ToBI

Lecture Notes

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The course is organized as a free-standing tutorial in a series of sections. Each lecture session covers chapters in the ToBI tutorial, and each chapter lists the audio and textgrid files used with the Praat software to create the screenshots. Students are expected to study and understand the assigned sections each week and to complete the exercises before going on to the next sections.

The audio files provided with this course are the original work of the Ohio State University Research Foundation and the OSU ToBI research group, and are presented with permission. They were funded by an NSF grant to the Ohio State University Research Foundation, and as such may only be used for non-commerical purposes.

1 Chapter 1.0

Chapter 2.0

Chapter 2.1

Introduction, Overview and Some Basics

The ToBI Tutorial

A First Example, Introducing the Labels: H*, L-L%, 0, 1, and 4

2 Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.3

Adding to the Inventory: L* and H-H%

Two Accents in an Intonational Phrase

3 Chapter 2.4

Chapter 2.5

Other Full Intonational Phrase Boundary Tone Combinations: H-L% and L-H%

Pitch Accents with More than One Tone: Bi-tonal Accents L+H* and L*+H

4 Chapter 2.6 Relationships among Pitch Accents within a Phrase: !H*
5 Chapter 2.7 More on Downstep: Bi-tonal Pitch Accents with a Downstepped H Element (!H)
6 Chapter 2.8

Chapter 2.9

Chapter 2.12

Intermediate Intonational Phrases: 3 Breaks and Phrase Accents

The Downstepped High Phrase Accent: !H-L% and !H-

Uncertainty in Labelling

7 Chapter 2.10

Chapter 2.11

Break Index 2

Labelling Disfluency: The p Diacritic (and the %r Tone Label)

  Appendix 1 Straight-line Approximations for Final-pitch-accent/Phrase-tone/Boundary-tone Combinations
  Appendix 2 Praat Script to Load Multiple Files
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