6.S079 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate



Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week; 1 hour / session

Labs: 1 session / week; 3 hours / session

Course Description

This course links clean energy sources and storage technology to energy consumption case studies to give students a concept of the full circle of production and consumption. Specifically, photovoltaic, organic photovoltaic, piezoelectricity and thermoelectricity sources are applied to electrophoresis, lab on a chip, and paper microfluidic applications–relevant analytical techniques in biology and chemistry. Hands-on experimentation with everyday materials and equipment help connect the theory with the implementation. Complementary laboratories fabricating LEDs, organic LEDs and spectrometers introduce the diagnostic tools used to characterize energy efficiency.


The instructors of this course would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions:

  • Prof. Rajeev Ram, for co-developing the lab-based pilot of this seminar (first taught in Fall 2010), and for funding the purchase of most of the lab equipment and materials used to develop those labs
  • Dr. Kevin Lee, for donating his time and expertise to the PDMS-related labs (Lab 6: PDMS Microfluidics and Lab 8: Doping)


1 Lab 1: CD Spectrometer
2 Lab 2: Holography
3 Paper Review
4 Lab 3: ZnS:Cu LED
5 Lab 4: Organic LED
6 Lab 5: Paper Microfluidics
7 Lab 6: PDMS Microfluidics
8 Lab 7: Electrophoresis
9 Lab 8: Doping
10 Proposal for Final Project
11 Lab 9: Piezoelectricity and Thermoelectricity
12 Lab 10: Organic Photovoltaics
13 Lab 11: Silicon Photovoltaics
14 Final Presentation and Paper


Pre-labs 20%
Labs 40%
Final Project 40%
Paper Review Extra Credit

Pre-labs are due on Thursdays at the start of the lab session, and lab assignments will be collected on the following Tuesday in lecture. Late submissions will not be accepted.