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Physics III: Vibrations and Waves

Part I: Mechanical Vibrations and Waves

Lecture 4: Coupled Oscillators, Normal Modes

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Lecture Topics

  • Coupled oscillators
  • Normal modes
  • Multibody system
  • Transient behavior

Lecture Video: Coupled Oscillators, Normal Modes

Prof. Lee analyzes a highly symmetric system which contains multiple objects. By physics intuition, one could identify a special kind of motion – the normal modes. He shows that there is a general strategy for solving the normal modes.

Lecture Notes

Typed Notes for Lecture 4 (PDF)

Handwritten Notes for Lecture 4 (PDF - 2.7MB)

Textbook Reading

Chapter 3: Normal Modes (PDF - 1.4MB) 

In-class Demonstrations

Double Pendulum
Weighted Hacksaw Blade
Two Rigid Pendulums Coupled with a Spring
Two Pendulums Coupled with a Rod
Wilberforce Pendulum and Wilberforce Pendulum

Video: Normal Modes from PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder

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