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Physics III: Vibrations and Waves

Part I: Mechanical Vibrations and Waves

Lecture 3: Driven Oscillators, Transient Phenomena, Resonance

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Lecture Topics

  • Driven oscillators
  • Transient phenomena
  • Resonance
  • Steady state solution

Lecture Video: Driven Oscillators, Transient Phenomena, Resonance

Driven damped oscillators is the focus of this lecture. Prof. Lee shows the transient behavior, which looks completely chaotic at times, can be described by mathematics. He also discusses interesting phenomena such as resonance.

Lecture Notes

Typed Notes for Lecture 3 (PDF - 1.2MB)

Handwritten Notes for Lecture 3 (PDF - 2.1MB)

Textbook Reading

Chapter 2: Forced Oscillation and Resonance (PDF - 1.3MB) 

Problem Set

Problem Set 2 (PDF)

Problem Solving Help Video*

Harmonic Oscillators with Damping

Driven Harmonic Oscillators

Coupled Oscillators without Damping

In-class Demonstrations

Driven Cart on Air Track
Ball on String Pendulum
Driven Mechanical Oscillator
Breaking Glass with Sound

Video: Pendulum Waves of Newton’s Cradle in motion set to music.

* Note: This Problem Solving Help video was originally produced as part of a physics course that is no longer available on OCW.

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