Assignment for Weeks 1 and 2 (PDF)

  • Coordinates and Proper Time (Notes to supplement Assignment for Weeks 1 and 2) (PDF)

Assignment for Week 3 (PDF)

  • Gravity, Metrics and Coordinates (Additional Notes for Week 3) (PDF)

Assignment for Week 4 (PDF)
Assignment for Week 5 (PDF)

  • GRorbits SOFTWARE (This is a compressed file of a software program in JAVA to be used for the homework exercises of Week 5.) (ZIP)
    (The ZIP file includes: Rorbits.html, GRorbitsConverted.html, style.css, and files. The includes 28 .class and 4 .gif files. The includes 1 .html file and 15 .java files.)
  • How Gravitational Forces Arise from Curvature (Third and last set of supplementary notes) (PDF)

Assignment for Week 6 (PDF)
Assignment for Week 7 (PDF)
Assignment for Week 8 (PDF)

  • Cosmology Project for Week 8 (PDF)
  • Figures for Cosmology Project (PDF)

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