9.35 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Sensation And Perception

Problem Sets

This course consists of six Problem Sets. Details are given in the Table below. Their due dates are shown in the Table below. Links to selected Problem Set Solutions are given below the Table.

Problem Set Due Dates Problem Sets Problem Set Solutions (Selected)
2 days after Ses #3 Problem set 1 (PDF) Problem set 1 (PDF)
Ses #8 Problem set 2 (PDF) Problem set 2 (PDF)
Ses #11 Problem set 3 (PDF) Problem set 3 (PDF)
5 days after Ses #18

Problem set 4 (PDF)

Filtering function, filterim.m (M)

Viewing function, viewim.m (M)

Image file, mdr_im.mat (MAT)

Problem set 4 (PDF - 3.2MB)
5 days after Ses #21

Problem set 5 (PDF)

Binary file, orlFaces.mat (MAT)

Problem set 5 (PDF)
3 days after Ses #22

Problem set 6 (part 1) (PDF)

e1.wav (WAV)

s1.wav (WAV)

Problem set 6 part 1 (PDF)

Problem set 6 full (PDF)

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