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16.31 Project

As part of the course requirements, students enrolled in 16.31 (graduate) must do a project on a topic of their choosing. The purpose of this project is to enhance your understanding of the course material on a specific topic, through either exploration of the controls literature or application to a real-world system.

Students enrolled in 16.30 (undergraduate) are not required to complete a project.

Project Options

Your choice of project topic should fall into one of the following four categories:

  1. Read and summarize two recent papers of interest, on topics related to the course material.
  2. Use techniques developed in the class to design a controller for a system related to your thesis research.
  3. Design and implement a MIMO state-space controller on the Quansers. (Note: In the past, this has proven to be quite intensive, so working with a partner is suggested.) Some LabVIEW coding will be necessary. Most likely, you will be asked to code within a "black box", for which the inputs are the desired roll/pitch/travel and actual roll/pitch/travel, and the outputs are the unsaturated Quanser motor voltages. We will provide a library of some useful LabVIEW functions.
  4. An idea of your own, preferably related to your research to maximize the utility of this activity.