Lists of Works

Each week of the course is organized around a different theme; most weeks featured two lectures on topics related to that theme.
1. Introduction (no list of works) 1. Introduction: What is Art?
2. Art, History, Representation 2a. Learning to Look/Interpreting What We See
2b. The Devotional Image
3. Capturing the World 3a. Pictorial Space and Perspective
3b. Media Revolutions: Paint and Print in the North
4. Renaissance Worlds 4a. Worlding the Italian Renaissance
4b. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael: Making Renaissance Art
5. Women and Men in the Renaissance 5a. Representing Women
5b. The Status of the Artist
6. Reformation / Counterreformation 6. Art as Theater in 17th-Century Rome
7. The Global Seventeenth Century 7. Dutch Art in Global Perspective
8. Art and Power 8a. Art and Absolutism in France and Spain
8b. Public Exhibitions: Enter the Art Critic
9. Art and Morality 9a. The Lure of the Antique
9b. Beyond Representation: Color and Touch
10. Art and Empire 10. Romanticism and Empire
11. The Second Media Revolution 11a. Photography and Photographic Truth
11b. The Artist and the City
12. The Spaces of Modernity 12. The Artist and the City, part 2
13. Art / Anti-Art 13a. Modernist Primitivism
13b. Surrealism and Dada
14. Art and After 14a. Abstract Expressionism: Art and Politics
14b. After the Art Object: From Pop to Performance
15. The Global Contemporary 15. Where We Are Now; Concluding Thoughts