Study Materials

General Topical Handouts

The Grand Scheme (PDF)

Study Review Topics for first half of semester (PDF)

Study Review Topics for second half of semester (PDF)

Study Review Questions for second half of semester (PDF)

Student Questions

Student Questions 1 (PDF)

Student Questions 2 (PDF)

Student Questions 3 (PDF)

Lecture Study Questions

1 Introduction to Brain-behavior Studies (PDF)
2 History and Goals, II (PDF)
3 History and Goals, III (PDF)
4 History and Goals, IV (PDF)
5 Cellular Mechanisms (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
6 Neuronal Conduction and Transmission (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
7 Synapses

Neuroanatomical Techniques
8 Introduction to CNS and its Evolution (PDF)
9 Evolution (cont.)

Reflex and Cerebellar Channels
10 Brain Subdivisions

Channels of Conduction
11 Transection Effects

12 Spinal Cord

Autonomic NS
13 Hindbrain and Midbrain (PDF)
14 Midbrain and Forebrain (PDF)
15 Development of CNS, Introduction (PDF)
16 Cell migration

Axon Growth Stages
17 Influences on Axon Growth (PDF)
18 Axonal Sprouting and Regeneration (PDF)
19 Motor System, 1 (PDF)
20 Motor System, 2  
21 Motor System, 3 (PDF)
22 Motor 4: Rythmic Outputs  
23 Rhythms of Activity

Sleep and Waking
24 Sleep and Waking (cont.) (PDF)
25 Habituation, Novelty Responses (PDF)
26 Visual System 1: Anatomy, Ablations (PDF)
27 Visual System 2: Physiology (Orig: Ablation Effects) (PDF)
28 Visual System 3: Ablation Studies  
29 Visual System 4: Ablations (cont.) (Orig: Electrophysiology) (PDF)
30 Visual System Conclusion (PDF)
31 Auditory System (PDF)
32 Pain and Central Gray Area (PDF)
33 Hypothalamus and Feeding (PDF)
34 Drive, Reward

Agonistic Behavior
35 Higher Functions

Human Nature
36 Human Nature and Neuroscience (PDF)
37 Conclusion