Lecture Notes

The downloadable files in the table below serve as rich lecture outlines where students add their own notes in the provided spaces.

1 Introduction

How We Read (PDF)
2 Object Recognition (PDF)
3 Attention I (PDF)
4 Attention II (PDF)
5 Lab 1: Memory
6 Memory I: Working Memory (PDF)
7 Memory II: Conceptual Short Term Memory (PDF)
8 Memory III: Implicit Memory (PDF)
10 Memory IV: Remembering and Forgetting
11 Memory V: Associative Memory (PDF)
12 Learning (PDF)
13 Lab 2: Images, Concepts, Language (PDF)
14 Concepts and Prototypes (PDF)
15 Language: Psycholinguistics (PDF)
16 Visual Knowledge (PDF)
18 Mental Codes I (PDF)
19 Mental Codes II
20 Lab 3: Judgment, Reasoning, and Problem-solving
21 Judgment and Reasoning I
22 Judgment and Reasoning II
23 TBA
24 Solving Problems (PDF)
25 Conscious and Unconscious Thought
26 Review