Final Presentations

Prepare a formal 20 minute presentation for the final class (plus 10 minutes for questions). You must use audiovisual materials for your presentation (e.g. slides, a video, etc.). Your presentation must include:

  • The title of your project;
  • All team members, including community partner(s);
  • Background on the issue(s) you are addressing. You must include:
    1. The larger context (historical, national, local),
    2. The partner organization’s role or approach to this larger issue (give concrete examples),
    3. How your project fits in. Write about this as if you’re addressing someone who knows nothing about the issue. Be specific, give details, and cite scholarly research where appropriate.
  • The goals of your project;
  • The 3 design candidates from your proposal and how you selected your design;
  • Include discussion of your co-design methods;
  • Each iteration: A slide for the first iteration, what you changed for the second iteration, your third iteration and what you changed for that.
  • Challenges you faced during the process and how you addressed them.
  • Next steps: How the partner organization will continue to use and maintain this project.

For examples of student projects from spring 2016, please see the course blog.