1 Course Introduction & Course Tools Workshop

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2 Project Partners

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3 Design Histories, MVP (Minimum Viable Product), & Working Agreements

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4 Cooperatives & Business Model Canvas Workshop

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5 Present Canvas, Discuss Risks & Customer Development Workshop

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6 Human Centered Design & Paper Prototyping Workshop

Skim: IDEO. The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design (free to download as PDF, but you’ll need to create an account)

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Browse: Jan Chipchase on Research Methods

Browse: UNICEF, Principles for Digital Development

7 Appropriation, Innovation & Midpoint Evaluations

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8 DiscoTechs, Design Jams & Hackathons

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9 Present Paper Prototype I No assigned readings
10 Landing Pages, User Acquisition, and Analytics Workshop No assigned readings
11 Present Progress No assigned readings
12 Looking forward with Participatory Economics & Project Session Albert, Michael. “Participatory Economics Part 1: Origins, Heritage, and Substance.” Znet, October 10, 2015.
13 Project Session No assigned readings
14 Last Class – Final Project Presentation No assigned readings