CMS.608 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate

Game Design

Assignments and Student Work

Assignment 1: Single Mechanic Game (PDF)
Design a board or card game that explores one single game mechanic in-depth.

Assignment 2: Experience and Aesthetics (PDF)
Design a board or card game that focuses on a given player experience as its design goal.

Assignment 3: Perspective (PDF)
Design a board, card, or live-action game from a particular person’s perspective of a real-world political, economic, or social system.

Student Work

These games were created by groups of MIT students for the third assignment of the course. Used with permission. Photographs on this page are by Luke Phelan for OCW.


Game board setup for Journey to the Top of the World, showing game pieces and obstacles.

Journey to the Top of the World (PDF)

Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay dare to challenge the tallest mountain in the world. Facing harsh weather, unbearable conditions, and aiming for the impossible, will they reach Mt. Everest’s summit?

 Game play setup for Mutiny, with pieces and board layout.

Mutiny (PDF)

Arrrgh, Matey! Welcome t’Mutiny, a game of backstabbin’, powergrabbin’, and treasure takin’. Take control of your own pirate vessel and convince t’other scallywags to follow you into battle for booty, so you can become the most infamous pirate captain of all time! Aye, but you must be clever, if ya don’t make the rest of the crew happy, they’ll surely mutiny and someone else will take your spot in history!

 Game board setup for Roman Conquest: The First Triumvirate, showing pieces and dice.

Roman Conquest: The First Triumvirate (PDF)

Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus are each members of the first Triumvirate of Rome, out conquering territory for the motherland and earning glory for themselves. However, it has become clear that Rome herself may be ripe for conquest. Outsmart or outmuscle your way to winning the crown of emperor!

 Rules sheet for the game Technicality.

Technicality (PDF)

Technicality is a simulation of the gender stereotypes that women experience in the technology industry. Power imbalance, inappropriate behavior, harassment, and more. Have fun being unreasonable, irritating, and in general a bad boss!

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