Students produce three project documents during the term: two final reports at the end of each module, and then a final proposal. Within each module, students will participate in two teams (4-6 people each) in which they will work on program development within their team sub-topic. At the end of each module, the team will present their analysis and proposal to a panel of experts. The last few weeks of the course will be focused on polishing the proposals, identifying funding agencies as well as international organizations for program implementation. The last day of class will be the final presentations.

Final Reports Each team should put together a report of 15-20 pages in length analyzing their subtopic, problems identified, solutions proposed and a detailed proposal for implementing their solutions. In-class presentations (with Microsoft® PowerPoint®) should be prepared of 20 minutes in length. More details to follow.
Final Proposal Edited and final proposals will be submitted along with edited presentations given (presentations can be merged if applicable). More details to follow.

Following are examples of student work on the projects, presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Team Members:

Team 1 (Diagnostics and Support): Pragnya Yogesh Alekal, Sankey Chibale, Nedialka Douptcheva, Jeff Hsu, Victoria Fan, Sam Miti, Kateula Sichalwe, Alexis White

Team 2 (ART Access and Linkages): Jina Kim, Aparna Kollipara, Jelena Mirkovic, Mwansa Chabala Mwale, Chishimba Mubanga, Jessica Rhee, Katebe Sakala, Mike Tombo

Module 1:
Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) Access and Efficacy
Subtopic 1.1: Diagnostics

UNZA-MIT Dialogues

Initial Questions (PDF)

CD4 count in Lusaka: CIDRZ Laboratory at Kalingalinga (PDF)

CD4 Count in Lusaka: KARA Counseling Clinic (PDF)

UNZA Feedback on Proposal (PDF)

Final Report

Engineering CD4 Testing Capacity in Lusaka, Zambia (PDF)

Subtopic 1.2: Access to ART

_UNZA-MIT Dialogues

ART Access (PDF)
Final Report

Antiretroviral Therapy Access in Zambia: Improving the Home-Base Care System (PDF)

Module 2: Continuum of Care Subtopic 2.1: Support Services

_UNZA-MIT Dialogues
Questions for VCT and PMTCT (PDF)

VCT for Youth: Notes from St. Mary’s Mongwe Community School in Kafue (PDF)

Final Report

See Final Proposal below.

Subtopic 2.2: Linkage of In-Patient Care with Other Programs

_UNZA-MIT Dialogues
Home-Based Care Reporting to Zambian Government Clinics (PDF)

UNZA Feedback on Confluent Medical Records (PDF)

Final Report

Linkage Report (PDF)

Supplemental Table (PDF)

Final Proposal VCT in Schools: Making HIV Testing Accessible to School-aged Children in Zambia (PDF)

Slides (PDF)

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