1 Introduction to Subject Ice-breaker Exercise (art)
2 Turning Points Turning Points (writing), Drawing My Life (art)
3 Class Dinner Getting to know students in casual setting outside of class
4 Family Traditions/Influential People Family Influence (photography, writing), Key People in My Life (writing)
5 Gender and Self Gendered Photos (photography, writing), Reverse Gender Autobiography (writing)
6 Race and Ethnicity Personal Definitions (writing), Family Tree (writing, art, photography), Cultural Artifacts (photography, writing)
7 Self Image and Roles Most and Least Favorite Roles (writing), Roles We Play (photography, writing)
8 Values and Meaning Values and Meaning (writing), Expressing Meaning (art, poetry), Insurance Inventory of Valued Items (photography, writing)
9 Class Trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Class outing to discover how artists use a variety of methods for self-portrayal
10 Self in Historical Context Visualizing Self in Historical Context (photography, writing), Switching Places (photography), One Thing That Changed My World (photography, writing)
11 Alternative Views of Self Stranger, Acquaintance, Friend (photography), Unmasking the Self (art), Alter Ego (photography, writing)
12 Self in the Future Where Do I Want To Go From Here? (writing), Where Do Others Think I Will Go From Here? (photography, writing), How Do I Want To Be Remembered? (writing, photography)
13 Presentation Self Portrayals Final Projects (art, writing, photography)
14 Public Exhibition of Self-Portrayals Reception for the exhibition: Students speak briefly about their works to audience
15 Composing a Life from Beginning to End Students run a group exercise which they designed during the previous week.

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