ES.287 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate

Kitchen Chemistry


To answer some of the questions in these assignments you may have to refer to the additional reading.

1 Guacamole, salsa, make your own hot sauce, and quesadillas (PDF)
2 Cookie - death by chocolate (PDF)
3 Pancakes (PDF)
4 Bread (PDF)
5 Scones and coffee (PDF)
6 Meringue (PDF)
7 Jams and jellies (PDF)
8 Three bean chili and corn bread (PDF)
9 Cheese (PDF)
10 Molecular gastronomy (PDF)
11 Wacky cake (PDF)
12 Ice cream (PDF)
13 Peer teaching (PDF)
14 Pasta, meatballs, and crème brulee (PDF)

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