This page presents the readings and resources for a few of the lecture topics.

1 C.V.

The Basics of Science C.V.’s
Interesting article with practical tips.

How to Craft a Winning Resume
From the Science Careers Web site. This link leads you to a series of articles about science C.V.’s.

MGH C.V. Guidelines
C.V. preparation, format and tips from MGH. Also links to other communications guidelines.

MIT C.V. Example (PDF)

2 Interviews

This page provides links to numerous articles with tips and advice on the interview process for academic positions.

Job Search: Tech Careers

Career Journal

TFPL Interview Tips Interview Tips

U Michigan Interview Tips for Engineers

Engineers International

3 Job Talks

Chronicle of Higher Education
Tips for Job Talks.

Science Careers
AAAS Science job talks tips.

Michael Earnst in CSAIL
Tips from Michael Earnst.

NIH Tips
On Job search.

Job Search Tips
From MIT alum Ellen Spertus.
Collection of resources on communication from

Brown University
Tips from the CS department at Brown.

UC Davis

Reading Collection
This collection contains advice and further reading references for job searches.

4 Grant Writing

Grant Doctor
General information about writing grants.

NIH Grant Tutorial Web site

Sample Annotated NIH Grant on the NIH Web site

National Science Foundation Grant Proposal Guide

Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Grants for Science Education

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Grant Information

DARPA Contracts Management Office
This page provides information and resources on how to apply for grants or pursue contracts with DARPA.

6 Industry Perspectives

MIT Video, a free and open site that provides on-demand video of significant public events at MIT. This site often has information about industry-related innovations in science and medicine.

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

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