Lecture Notes

1 Kick-off with an Introductory Workshop on CVs (PDF) Prof. Mya Poe

You Applied for that Dream Job, and You got an Interview. Good Job! Now What? (PDF)

Dr. Frederick Schoen
3 And Then, You Have to Give a Job Talk Dr. Collin Stultz
4 Your Job Talk Went Well BUT that’s Not the End of Your On-campus Interview! Dr. Richard Mitchell
5 Congratulations! You’ve Got the Job of Your Dreams-The Swanky Office, the Sweet Lab, the Dutiful Graduate Students. Now, You Have to Bring in the Grant Money to Support it All (PDF) (Courtesy of Elfar Adalsteinsson. Used with permission.) Prof. Mya Poe
6 Enough Of Academia! I’m Going to Industry! Dr. Michael Zwell
7 The Day My Grant Got Rejected . . . . (PDF) (Courtesy of Deborah Ann McClellan. Used with permission.) Dr. Jagesh Shah
8 Regardless of Whether You Choose a Career in Academia, in Industry, or in Clinical Practice, You Will Have to Deliver Bad News, Admit Error in Politically Sensitive Situations, And Deal With Difficult Personalities Dr. T. (Teo) Forcht Dagi
9 “Why Your Work is Important!” Dr. Jonathan Rosen

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Fall 2006
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