HST.952 | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Computing for Biomedical Scientists

Lecture Notes

LEC # Topics
Part 1: Introduction to Computing
1 Course Overview (PDF)
2 Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming (PDF)
3 Java® Constructs (PDF)
4 Built-in Operators, Built-in Java Classes, and Classes, Objects & Methods (PDF)
5 Recursion and Iteration, Imperative & Declarative Programming, Abstract Data Types (ADTs), Arrays, and Classes, Object & Methods (continued) (PDF)
6 Designing Methods, Wrapper Classes, Arrays, Packages, Inheritance, Derived Classes, and Dynamic Binding (PDF)
7 Information Hiding, Exceptions (PDF)
8 Vectors, Streams, Input and Output (PDF)
Lecture 8 Code (ZIP) (zip file includes: TestRotation2.java, TestVector2.java, RotateText.java, KeyboardInput.java, TestSimpleParser.java, TestRotation.java, TestVector.java, and Medinfo.txt)
9 Searching and Sorting (PDF)
Lecture 9 Code (ZIP) (zip file includes: TestBinarySearch.java, TestMergeSort.java, and TestSelectionSort.java)
10 Time Complexity of Algorithms (PDF)
11 Review Session (PDF)
Review Session Solutions (PDF)
Part 2: Data and Knowledge Representation
12 Logic and Medical Ontology (PDF)
13 Boolean Algebra and Predicate Knowledge (PDF)
14 Ontology and Data Model (PDF)
15 Medical Vocabulary Representation and Survey of Medical Coding Systems (PDF)
16 Medical Coding Systems (continued) and UMLS (PDF)
17 Major KR Schemes (PDF)
18 Process (PDF)
Part 3: Data Management, Querying and Retrieval
19 Nature of Data
20 Data Models
21 Maintaining Integrity of Data
22 Implementing a Relational Database
23 Overview of Object Oriented Data Management
24 Modeling for Analytical Processing of Data
25 No Lecture, Final Project Due