IDS.910 | Fall 2014 | Graduate

Leadership Development


1 Prof. Dava Newman—Introduction; Distributed Leadership Framework, Sloan Leadership Model

Assignment 1 out

Assignment 2a out

Assignment 2b out

2 Thompson Island Outward Bound—Leadership Laboratory, directions and general information (A two-day trip to the Thompson Island) Reading assignments
3 Discussion group session I on assigned readings / case studies

Assignment 1 due

Assignment 2a due

4 Vivek Sakhrani — DiSC Personal Assessment  
5 Leadership Lunch with Professor Laurence Young  
6 Discussion group session II on assigned readings / case studies

Assignment 2b due

Assignment 3 out

7 Leadership lunch with Professor Geoff Parker  
8 Leadership lunch with Dr. Mark Lewis  

Leadership alum chat with John ‘Jay’ Falker, TPP'04

AeroAstro 100th Celebration—8 Apollo astronauts; 12 Shuttle and ISS MIT alums; Elon Musk Keynote

10 Prof. Dava Newman: Creativity and Improvisation Assignment 3 draft due
11 Student oral presentation: elevator speech

Assignment 3 due in class

Assignment 4 out

12 Leadership lunch with Dorothy Rasco  
13 Discussion group session III on assigned readings / case studies  Assignment 4 due

Guest Speakers for Leadership Lunches and Alumni Chats

The following links provide biographies and background about invited guest speakers.

Professor Laurence Young, Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics & Health, Sciences, and Technology, MIT

Professor Geoff Parker, Professor of Management Science, Tulane University

Dr. Mark Lewis, Director of IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute

Dr. Jay Falker, Early Stage Portfolio Executive, NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate

Dorothy Rasco, Chief Financial Officer, NASA Johnson Space Center

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