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Leadership Development

Instructor Insights

Course Overview

This page focuses on the course IDS.910 Leadership Development as it was taught by Professor Dava Newman in Fall 2014.

This course is a required experience for first-year students in the Technology and Policy Program (TTP). It is designed to help students develop their leadership capabilities. An initial Outward Bound experience builds trust, teamwork and communication skills. Classes are held in a seminar environment and readings and assignments emphasize the characteristics of desired leadership skills. Global leaders participate in the “Leadership Lunch” story-telling series to share experiences and to provide recommendations. Discussions help explore and further probe leadership development. The learning experience culminates in a personal leadership plan.

This is a partial term course and meets on an irregular schedule during the first 11 weeks of the 15-week semester.

Course Outcomes

Course Goals for Students

  • Assess leadership characteristics in a variety of professional and social environments
  • Analyze and reflect on instances of leadership in our everyday lives
  • Articulate and communicate a personal leadership vision that is goal-oriented
  • Synthesize a personal blueprint or check-list for action (a personal leadership plan)

Possibilities for Further Study/Careers

IDS.910 prepares students for further study in the Technology and Policy Program.

Curriculum Information


Permission of the instructor

Requirements Satisfied

Core requirement in Technology and Policy SM Program


Every fall semester


The students’ grades were based on the following activities:

  • 15% Assignment 1: Assess, Analyze and Reflect upon Leadership
  • 15% Assignment 2: Reflection on the Outward Bound experience; Structured DiSC Assessment Exercise
  • 20% Assignment 3: Elevator Speech
  • 30% Assignment 4: Personal Leadership Plan
  • 20% Class discussion

Student Information


40 students

Breakdown by Year

Graduate students

Breakdown by Major

First year graduate students in the Technology and Policy Program.

How Student Time Was Spent

During an average week, students were expected to spend 8 hours on the course, roughly divided as follows:

In Class

  • Met 1 time per week for 2 hours per session; 13 sessions total; mandatory attendance.
  • Students participated in discussion group sessions and Leadership Lunches, in addition to a two-day Thompson Island Outward Bound Leadership Laboratory experience.

Out of Class

Course Team Roles

IDS.910 students participate in an Outward Bound experience to build trust, leadership, and communication skills. (Image courtesy of Alexandre Jacquillat. Used with permission.)

Lead Instructor (Prof. Dava Newman)

  • Oversees teaching of the course
  • Introduces the Sloan Leadership Model
  • Lectures on Creativity and Improvisation

Discussion Leaders (Upper-year students)

Lead small groups of students in discussing key readings and case studies

Teaching Assistant

Support the lead instructor in teaching the course

Guest Speakers (Global Leaders)

Share leadership stories and experiences during Leadership Lunches

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