Lecture Notes

Notes for Ses #25 are unavailable.

I. Egoism
1 Egoism (PDF)
2 Egoism: empirical and quasi-empirical issues (PDF)
II. Beliefs, desires, and intentions
3 Belief/desire psychology and the Humean theory of motivation (PDF)
4 Bratman on intention (PDF)
III. Reducing intentions
5 Velleman on intention (PDF)
IV. Akrasia and weakness of will
6 Akrasia (PDF)
7 Akrasia and desire (PDF)
V. Strength of will
8 Strength of will: descriptive issues (PDF)
9 Strength of will: normative issues (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
VI. Addiction
10 Addiction I (PDF)
11 Addiction II (PDF)
VII. Free will I
12 Free will I (PDF)
13 Free will II (PDF)
VIII. Free will II
14 Free will IV: libertarianism (PDF)
15 Free will III: Strawson (PDF)
IX. Free will III

Free will VI: empirical work (PDF)

Free will V: choice (PDF)

X. Identification and autonomy
17 Identification (PDF)
18 Self-determination theory (PDF)
XI. Self-Deception
19 Self-deception (PDF)
XII. Moral psychology I: what could empirical work tell us about morality?
20 The metaethical implications of empirical work (PDF)
21 Moral judgment and motivation (PDF)
XIII. Moral psychology II
22 Autism and sociopathy (PDF)
23 Moral luck and the Knobe effect (PDF)
XIV. Moral psychology III
24 Virtue and character (PDF)
25 Determinism and moral motivation