MAS.450 | Spring 2003 | Undergraduate

Holographic Imaging


Lab Notebook Guidelines (PDF)

0 In-class Coffee Cup Hologam Demonstration (PDF)
1 Michelson Interferometer and Coffee Cup Hologram (PDF)
2 Interference and Diffraction (PDF)
3 In-line Holographic Optical Elements (PDF)
4 In-line Transmission Holograms (PDF)
3,4 Prelab Questions (PDF)
5 Spatial Filters and Leith and Upatnieks Off-axis Holograms (PDF)
6 Off-axis Transmission Masters (PDF)
6 Prelab Questions (PDF)
7 Full Aperture Transfer (PDF)
8 Rainbow Tranfer (PDF)
9 Reflection “Denisyuk” Holography (PDF)
10 Reflection Transfer (PDF)

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