Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry

Professor Grossman standing in front of a blackboard with notes written on it at the front of the classroom.

Professor Grossman in front of the class next to a model of a crystalline structure. (Courtesy of Lillie Piquette / School of Engineering. Used with permission.) 


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Fall 2018



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  • Goodie Bags: mini-experiment kits allow students to explore a key concept and solve related problems, with video tutorials provided by the course TAs.
  • Why This Matters moments: a brief portion of each lecture focusing on how the topic relates to innovations in science and in life, real-world applications, and creative directions for research.
  • The CHEMATLAS: includes an overview and summary of the main topics in each lecture, the Why This Matters moment, a section on Why This Employs, and a few example problems with solutions.

Course Description

In this course, we will explore what makes things in the world the way they are and why, to understand the science and consider the engineering. We learn not only why the physical world behaves the way it does, but also how to think with chemical intuition, which can’t be gained simply by observing the macroscopic world.

This 2018 version of 3.091 by Jeffrey Grossman and the 2010 OCW version by Don Sadoway cover similar topics and both provide complete learning materials. This 2018 version also includes Jeffrey Grossman’s innovative Goodie Bags, Why This Matters, and CHEMATLAS content, as well as additional practice problems, quizzes, and exams.

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