3.091 | Fall 2018 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry


The purpose of the CHEMATLAS (Comprising Handy Extra Materials: All The Lectures As Summaries) is to serve as a guide and resource that gives you a quick overview of each lecture. For each lecture, there is:

  • a summary of the main topics covered,
  • the Why This Matters moment,
  • and the new Why This Employs section,
  • plus a few example problems with solutions.

The CHEMATLAS is organized into three Units, which reflects the content that goes into each of the three exams. There’s also a Concept Map at the beginning of each Unit, to show how the various materials are connected together.

We created this to provide a clear snapshot of the materials covered in any given lecture, and it also gives me a chance to provide additional details that I may not have time for in the Why This Matters example, and also it lets me try out the Why This Employs section, which I certainly will not have time to discuss much in the lecture.

The lecture summaries in the CHEMATLAS are meant to be a companion for the lectures, not a substitute. If you were to only read these summaries you’d get a good sense of the lecture from a very high level view, but you wouldn’t get enough out of it to learn the material in a meaningful way.

For this OCW version of the 2018 class, we have excerpted video clips of the Why This Matters moments. You can learn more about how Prof. Grossman developed the Why This Matters moments for the course in the Instructor Insights section.

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