PE.720 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Weight Training


Exercises Videos
Squat: First View (MP4)
Squat: Second View (MP4 - 2MB)
Squat: Third View (MP4 - 2MB)
Lunges: First View (MP4 - 2MB)
Lunges: Second View (MP4 - 2MB)
Leg Press (MP4 - 2MB)
Stiff Legged Deadlift (MP4 - 2MB)
Front Squat: Cross Grip (MP4 - 2MB)
Front Squat: Olympic Grip (MP4 - 2MB)
Front Squat: Using Straps (MP4 - 4MB)
Leg Extension (MP4 - 3MB)
Leg Curl (MP4 - 3MB)
Standing Calf Raise (MP4 - 2MB)
Standing Calf Raise: Foot View (MP4)
Seated Calf Raise: First View (MP4)
Seated Calf Raise: Second View (MP4)
Leg Press Machine Calf Raise (MP4)
Chest, Back and Shoulders
Bench Press: First View (MP4 - 2MB)
Bench Press: Second View (MP4 - 2MB)
Decline Bench Press (MP4 - 2MB)
Incline Bench Press: First View (MP4)
Incline Bench Press: Second View (MP4)
Incline Bench Press: Seat Adjustment (MP4)
Pulldown: Hammer Strength Machine (MP4 - 3MB)
Pulldown: Icarian Selectorized Machine (MP4 - 2MB)
Chinup (MP4)
Pullup with a Spotter (MP4)
Seated Row: Various Grips (MP4 - 3MB)
Long Row: First View (MP4)
Long Row: Second View (MP4)
Long Row: Alternate Attachment and Grip (MP4 - 2MB)
Bent Over Row: First View (MP4)
Bent Over Row: Second View (MP4)
Lateral Raise (MP4 - 2MB)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise (MP4)
Upright Row (MP4)
Cable Crossover (MP4 - 2MB)
Chest Flies (MP4 - 3MB)
Dumbbell Bicep Curl (MP4)
Dumbbell Tricep Skullcrusher (MP4)
Tricep Pushdown (MP4 - 2MB)
Bicep Curl: Icarian Selectorized Machine (MP4 - 2MB)

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