RES.2-005 | Spring 2015 | High School

Girls Who Build: Make Your Own Wearables Workshop

Manufacturing & Mechanical Design


Students are introduced to the design process of engineering, from ideation to design to rapid prototyping. To begin, a keynote speaker from the wearable technology industry discusses the process through an example; in this case, prosthetics for the developing world. Then, the students learn computer aided design (CAD) by creating a bracelet in Solidworks. Bonus problems are included exploring the many features in CAD. Following the creation of a bracelet in CAD the students are brought to a machine shop to see their designs being 3D printed. In the machine shop, students are shown the range of additive and subtractive manufacturing tools.


Lecture 1: Introduction to Manufacturing (PDF - 1.3MB)
Speaker Notes: Introduction to Manufacturing (PDF)

Lecture 2: Design Process Example (Keynote Speaker: Katy Olesnavage)
Slides from this lecture are not available.

Lecture 3: Computer Aided Design (CAD) (PDF)
Speaker Notes: Computer Aided Design (CAD) (PDF)

Lecture 4: Machine Shop Tools
There are no slides for this lecture.


Activity 1: CAD and 3D Print Bracelet

Activity 2: Lasercut Purse

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