RES.2-005 | Spring 2015 | High School

Girls Who Build: Make Your Own Wearables Workshop


Workshop Meeting Time

One seven-hour session


What is the Make Your Own Wearables program?

The Lincoln Laboratory Make Your Own Wearables program is an introduction to engineering through wearable technology. The full day workshop developed and hosted by MIT Lincoln Laboratory consists of two major hands-on projects in manufacturing and wearable electronics.

Its mission is to introduce high-school girls to what engineering is, how it is used in many different applications, and to gain key engineering skills such as computer programming and computer aided design (CAD). This workshop aims to help girls entering college have a clear depiction of what an engineer does and have the hands-on skills required to be successful in this field.

What will participants do?

High-school girls will spend the day learning the design process, 3D computer modeling, how to write code, and how to build a circuit. Participants tour a rapid prototyping machine shop and see how 3D printed jewelry and laser-cut purses are created. They will design a bracelet using SolidWorks® and code a FLORA in Arduino for a wearable circuit with pressure sensor and LEDs.


There are no grades for this workshop.


The curriculum and workshop were made possible by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Community Outreach initiative, SolidWorks, and the Society of Women Engineers. Behind its success was a team of volunteers from MIT Lincoln Laboratory:

Kimberlee Chang Cathy Loiselle Emily Peterson
Robin Havener Kelly Lafayette John Solman
Emily Clements Elizabeth Lukas Christina Epstein
Owen Guldner Molly Park Gavin Lund
Jennifer Falciglia Debbie Hamilton Damas Limoge
Dave Granchelli Chiamaka Porter Bakari Hassan
Clark Wood Ninoshka Singh Cheryl Blomberg
Alexis Prasov Michelle Jackson Carole Sundius
Meredith Kelly Alexandra Berkoff Allie Stanzione
Carole Sundius Kimberlee Chang Christine Chen
Corinna Ellis Derek Varga Ed Lyvers
Emily Grosse Emily Peterson Elizabeth Kramer
Erin O’connor Ilya Prigozhin Jessica Kesner
Joan Boegel Kendra Kratkiewicz Lorraine Bernard
Lynne Adamian Maja Milosavljevic Richard Marino
Melissa Phelan Michelle Jackson Meredith Kelly
Roberta Merino Sarah Nelson Sarah Klein
Shannon Roberts Fred Solman Suresh Damodaran
Anthony Matt Tim Wells Keith Hinrichs
Reagan Middlebrook Rob Elkind Bhanu Vadhera
Alyssa Mensch Elizabeth Kowalski Rick Frederickson
Olga Mikulina Jing Wang Era Vuksani
Fred Waugh Julie Arloro-Mehta Todd Brick
Danielle Class    

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