Lecture Notes

The notes below are primarily still images of the slides and boards seen in the lecture videos. They can be used to reference the content of each lecture.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Signals and systems: Part I (PDF)
3 Signals and systems: Part II (PDF)
4 Convolution (PDF)
5 Properties of linear, time-invariant systems (PDF)
6 Systems represented by differential and difference equations (PDF)
7 Continuous-time Fourier series (PDF)
8 Continuous-time Fourier transform (PDF)
9 Fourier transform properties (PDF)
10 Discrete-time Fourier series (PDF)
11 Discrete-time Fourier transform (PDF)
12 Filtering (PDF)
13 Continuous-time modulation (PDF)
14 Demonstration of amplitude modulation (PDF)
15 Discrete-time modulation (PDF)
16 Sampling (PDF)
17 Interpolation (PDF)
18 Discrete-time processing of continuous-time signals (PDF)
19 Discrete-time sampling (PDF)
20 The Laplace transform (PDF)
21 Continuous-time second-order systems (PDF)
22 The z-transform (PDF)
23 Mapping continuous-time filters to discrete-time filters (PDF)
24 Butterworth filters (PDF)
25 Feedback (PDF)
26 Feedback example: The inverted pendulum (PDF)

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