RES.6-007 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate
Signals and Systems

Lecture Notes

The notes below are primarily still images of the slides and boards seen in the lecture videos. They can be used to reference the content of each lecture.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Signals and systems: Part I (PDF)
3 Signals and systems: Part II (PDF)
4 Convolution (PDF)
5 Properties of linear, time-invariant systems (PDF)
6 Systems represented by differential and difference equations (PDF)
7 Continuous-time Fourier series (PDF)
8 Continuous-time Fourier transform (PDF)
9 Fourier transform properties (PDF)
10 Discrete-time Fourier series (PDF)
11 Discrete-time Fourier transform (PDF)
12 Filtering (PDF)
13 Continuous-time modulation (PDF)
14 Demonstration of amplitude modulation (PDF)
15 Discrete-time modulation (PDF)
16 Sampling (PDF)
17 Interpolation (PDF)
18 Discrete-time processing of continuous-time signals (PDF)
19 Discrete-time sampling (PDF)
20 The Laplace transform (PDF)
21 Continuous-time second-order systems (PDF)
22 The z-transform (PDF)
23 Mapping continuous-time filters to discrete-time filters (PDF)
24 Butterworth filters (PDF)
25 Feedback (PDF)
26 Feedback example: The inverted pendulum (PDF)
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