RES.TLL-008 | Spring 2023 | Non-Credit

Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing (SERC)

17.806 Quantitative Research Methods IV: Advanced Topics

> Related Topics: Inequality, Justice, & Human Rights, Social and Environmental Impacts

Author: In Song Kim

Lecture Module: “Analyzing the Impact of Police Stopping in Political Behavior”

Keywords: policing, stop-question-and-frisk, racial minorities, political behavior

Module Goals: This problem set explores how/whether policing against citizens and against racial minorities affects political behavior by leveraging a variety of data sources available online, including micro-level administrative data on policing.                    


17.806 Problem Set 1 Questions (PDF)

17.806 Problem Set 1 (ZIP) This file contains 1 .log file, 2 .png files, and 1 .tex file.

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