RES.TLL-008 | Spring 2023 | Non-Credit

Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing (SERC)

Privacy and Surveillance

STS.012/STS.008 Science in Action: Technologies and Controversies in Everyday Life

> Related Topics: Privacy and Surveillance, Law and Policy

Author: Dwai Banerjee

Keywords: privacy; AI; surveillance; data ethics

Module Goals:

  • To find overlaps and differences in the experience of students learning about their right to privacy
  • To discuss whether they believe existing rights to be adequate
  • To examine whether current ethical standards (such as those instituted by the GDPR) sufficiently protect their rights (as they exist or as they believe should exist).


“Big Data and Personal Privacy” Exercise and Discussion Guide (PDF) (DOCX)

Additional Reading:

Sarah Valentine. 2019. “Impoverished Algorithms: Misguided Governments, Flawed Technologies, and Social Control.” 46 Fordham Urb. L.J. 364.

Boyd, Danah, and Kate Crawford. 2012. “Critical Questions for Big Data.” Information, Communication & Society 15(5): 662–679.

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