RES.TLL-01 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate

Guidelines for Teaching @ MIT and Beyond

Advantages of Sharing the Guidelines as Hypertext

In this section, Dipa Shah and Leann Dobranski share that TLL supports MIT instructors through workshops and one-on-one consultations. They note that sharing the guidelines as searchable hypertext online allows instructors who cannot attend workshops or consultations to access information they need to design, deliver, and develop effective learning experiences.

"Now that the guidelines are available on our website as hypertext, they can be searched more easily."
— Dipa Shah and Leann Dobranski

The mission of the MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory is to jointly partner with MIT educators to create an educational environment where students are academically challenged, actively engaged, and personally supported. One of the ways that we do this is by sharing research-based strategies for lesson, subject, and program design, development, and delivery. We share these strategies through formal workshops for teaching assistants, instructors, and faculty. We also consult with members of these groups one-on-one at their request. Oftentimes, people may request reading lists or references for the strategies that we suggest and the guidelines are a helpful resource to point them to.

Now that the guidelines are available on our website as hypertext, they can be searched more easily. We recognize that everyone has many demands on their time and that sometimes this means people cannot attend our workshops or schedule consultations with us. We hope they can still find some answers to their teaching and learning questions by visiting our site.

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