RES.TLL-01 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate

Guidelines for Teaching @ MIT and Beyond

Enhancing the Guidelines

In this section, Dipa Shah and Leann Dobranski share how they hope to enhance the guidelines in the near future.

Now that the guidelines are in hypertext, we can continually revisit them and update them with more recent literature and examples from MIT classrooms.

"Our educator audiences clamor for more teaching examples from MIT classrooms."
— Dipa Shah and Leann Dobranski

Our educator audiences clamor for more teaching examples from MIT classrooms. We also get many requests for “How To” information (e.g., How do I incorporate this finding from the literature into my classroom teaching?). While we address this question through our workshops and one-on-one work with instructors on campus, we know that we are not able to reach everyone that way. We want to make it as easy as possible for our audiences to find answers to their questions. Right now, we are in the process of creating a web resource to accompany Guidelines on Teaching @ MIT and Beyond called Implementing the Guidelines that will answer those “how to” questions. We hope to launch Implementing the Guidelines in late 2016.

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