L1 Why Research in Psychology?  
L2 The Validity of Intuitions  
R1 Idea Generation  
L3 Perception 1-page proposal for your project (to TAs) (PDF)
R2 Writing  
L4 Memory Submit a 4-page proposal (to writing TA) (PDF)

COUHES application for individual project due (PDF)
R3 Probability  
L5 Emotions and Self-control  
R4 Survey Design  
R5 Field Experiments Submit survey (in pairs), collect 20 respondents, and suggest improvements (PDF)
L6 Decision Making  
L7 Behavioral Economics A draft of the paper without the results but saying how you would interpret the results if it works and if it doesn't work. If you have results, even partial, add them (PDF)
R6 Descriptive Statistics  
L8 The Psychology of Money  
R7 Experimental Design  
L9 Labor and Compensation Submit data from the "Class Study" project (to be included in Final Exam) (PDF)

Supporting Files

Class Study Survey (PDF)
Class_Study_Data.xls (XLS)
Class_Study_Data_(all).xls (XLS)
R8 T Test and ANOVA  
L10 Groups (Norton)  
R9 Rules for Presentations  
L11 Negotiation (Curhan)

Submit final paper (PDF)

Grading Rubric for Paper (PDF)

R10-12 Presentations  
L12 Summary and Q&A  
  Final Exam