Package maslab.orc

Interface Summary
OrcUpdateListener Interface for objects which would like to be notified when the state on the OrcBoard changes.
RangeSensor Interface for range sensors.

Class Summary
DigitalInput Orc wrapper for Digital inputs (using built-in pull-ups.)
Gyro Orc wrapper for Gyro angular rate sensor.
IRCalibrate A simple application for collecting data from IR range finders so that the parameters of their distance-fitting function can be computed.
IRRangeSensor Orc wrapper for Infra-red range sensors.
Motor Orc wrapper for a motor.
Orc Low-level access to the OrcBoard; when possible, use a wrapper class.
Servo Orc wrapper for a servo.
UltrasoundRangeSensor Orc wrapper for ultrasound range sensors.

Enum Summary
Orc.MotorDirection Motor Direction constants, for use with motorSet.
Orc.PinMode Pin modes, for use with pinModeSet