1.011 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

Project Evaluation


L1 Introduction and motivation; Initial discussion of project Statement of interest out
L2 Introduction to public and private projects, evaluation methods and project evaluation checklists

Statement of interest due

Problem set A1.1 out

R1 Excel/spreadsheets refresher  
L3 Stakeholder analysis and multi-attribute analysis  
L4 Project costs and revenues; Stakeholder perspectives (public vs. private)  
R2 A1.1 discussion  
L5 Time value of money; Equivalence relationships

Assignment A1.1 due

Assignment A1.2 out

L6 Discount rates, minimally acceptable rate of return (MARR), rate of return on investment (IRR) Project teams formed
R3 A1.1 review; A1.2 discussion  
L7 Benefit cost analysis; Comparing alternatives; Financial and economic analysis  
R4 Review of MARR, IRR, discount rates  
L8 Financing  
L9 Case: Panama Canal

Assignment A1.2 due

Assignment A2 out

R5 A1.2 review  
L10 High speed rail (HSR) case P1: Project descriptions due
L11 Term projects from previous years  
R6 Term project mini-presentations  
L12 Quiz review  
L13 Quiz (open-book, open-note)  
R7 Discussion of quiz  
L14 HSR Case (cont.)  
L15 Introduction to uncertainty, stakeholder analysis and Mitchell framework Assignment A3.1 out
R8 A3.1 discussion  
L16 Dealing with uncertainty Assignment A2 due
L17 Dealing with uncertainty: Decision trees P2: Project progress report I due
R9 A3.1 discussion  
L18 Dealing with uncertainty: Real options  
L19 Case: Spent nuclear fuel, transportation to Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Assignment A3.1 due

Assignment A3.2 out

R10 Review 3.1; A3.2 discussion P3: Project progress report II due
L20 Project evaluation in developing countries, Case: Pure Home Water in Africa  
R11 A3.2 Discussion  
L21 Public private partnerships  
L22 Infrastructure banks

Assignment A3.2 due

Assignment 4 out

R12 A3.2 review  
L23 Project presentations P4: Project presentation due
L24 Project presentations (cont.)  
R13 Work time for written project reports  
L25 Project presentations  
L26 Wrap-up and summary

P5: Project report due

Assignment 4 due

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