1.011 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate
Project Evaluation

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture slides are available below.

L1 Introduction and motivation; Initial discussion of project (PDF)
L2 Introduction to public and private projects, evaluation methods and project evaluation checklists (PDF)
L3 Stakeholder analysis and multi-attribute analysis  
L4 Project costs and revenues; Stakeholder perspectives (public vs. private) (PDF)
L5 Time value of money; Equivalence relationships (PDF)
L6 Discount rates, minimally acceptable rate of return (MARR), rate of return on investment (IRR) (PDF)
L7 Benefit cost analysis; Comparing alternatives; Financial and economic analysis  
L8 Financing  
L9 Case: Panama Canal  
L10 High speed rail (HSR) case (PDF)
L11 Term projects from previous years  
L12 Quiz review  
L13 Quiz (open-book, open-note)  
L14 HSR Case (cont.) (PDF)
L15 Introduction to uncertainty, stakeholder analysis and Mitchell framework  
L16 Dealing with uncertainty (PDF)
L17 Dealing with uncertainty: Decision trees  
L18 Dealing with uncertainty: Real options  
L19 Case: Spent nuclear fuel, transportation to Yucca Mountain, Nevada  

Project evaluation in developing countries, Case: Pure Home Water in Africa

Guest lecturer: Susan Murcott

(PDF - 8.7MB)
L21 Public private partnerships  
L22 Infrastructure banks  
L23 Project presentations  
L24 Project presentations (cont.)  
L25 Project presentations (cont.)  
L26 Wrap-up and summary  
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