15.317 | Summer 2009 | Graduate

Organizational Leadership and Change


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LGO students complete a 6-month internship during the summer and fall of their second year. This section of the course includes several lecture sessions throughout the course of the internship, as well as an internship preparation session before and a reflection session after.


Your internship is a practice field for further developing your leadership competencies. As such, we will meet (both face-to-face and virtually) to discuss your experiences. There will also be several deliverables using the concepts and tools introduced in 15.311 Organizational Processes and in the Leadership Curriculum to aid your leadership journey. These will be confidential documents that are aimed at focusing your learning. Where appropriate, we encourage you to include these analyses in your thesis (that is, after scrubbing the material for confidential or politically sensitive material). In addition, we expect you will discuss these aspects of your project in your oral presentations at the “Mid-stream Review” and the “Knowledge Review”. All of these activities/deliverables are part of 15.317.

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