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Organizational Leadership and Change


Stakeholder Analysis

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Due: July, Year 2

This analysis will help you to map relationships between all of the stakeholders involved in and affected by your project. Questions you should address are:

  • What are their interests?
  • What is the relationship between each of these stakeholders?
  • What does each stand to gain or lose from the project?
  • What role should each stakeholder play in the implementation of your project?
  • How willing and/or able are they to support your project?

It is recommended that you extend your analysis beyond your immediate team to include external stakeholders who affect the outcome of your project, such as other departments, functions, organizations, MIT, etc.

The stakeholder map is a network diagram of the relationships between all of the stakeholders.

The structure of a stakeholder map.

The map should also identify who are the supporters versus who are the potential roadblocks to successful completion of your project. During the July webcast we will discuss additional tools to help you develop an action plan to address the barriers you identify.

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