Class 4: Open API & Marketing Channels

Lecture Slides

Class 4 Lecture Slides: Open APIs & Marketing Channels (PDF)


Required Readings

Report on open banking and application programming interfaces (APIs)’ Bank of International Settlement (November 2019)

Fintechs next decade will look radically different’ Nik Milanovic, TechCrunch (December 22, 2019)

‘RPA in Banking—Use-cases, Benefits and Steps’ Maruti Techlabs, Medium Post (November 28, 2019)

Optional Reading

‘Pros and cons of RPA platforms vs. APIs’ George Lawton, TechTarget (September 5, 2019)

Study Questions / Issues to Prepare

  1. What are some major trends affecting marketing channels & customer processes for financial services?
  2. How are open API initiatives influencing these trends?
  3. What is robotic process automation (RPA) and screen scraping? How is it being used in the financial sector and does it relate to open API technologies?

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