There are two options for meeting the written requirements for this course; they are outlined in the syllabus. Option A consists of exams, one of which can be found in the exams section. Option B consists of writing a paper, instructions for which appear below.

The Process for Option B

First, define the topic, develop a title (tentative), and obtain the Instructor’s approval in terms of meeting the content requirements for the course.

Second, prepare a short statement (three paragraphs) summarizing the general topic, the issues that are of interest to you, and the specific problems that you wish to investigate.

Third, discuss the above with the Instructor. Based on the discussion some reframing or revisions may be needed.

Fourth, develop a bibliography for the paper, reflecting the materials that you intend to consult or that you believe at this stage would be relevant to your paper.

Fifth, prepare a general outline of the paper. This is only so that you have an overview of what you intend to explore. You will be free to alter the sequence and items on the outline as you prepare the paper. Prepare a bibliography.

Sixth, once the outline is generally approved by the Instructor in terms of coverage and content, you are now expected to focus on completing the research, preparing for, and then writing the paper.