Homework Assignments

The following homework was assigned during the sessions noted in the table below.


View the following videos of past Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Celebration speakers.

Johnnetta B. Cole, Keynote Speaker of the 2009 MLK Breakfast

“Yes We Must: Achieve Diversity through Leadership.” February 5, 2009. MIT Video. Accessed June 3, 2013.

Student speakers at the 2012 MLK Breakfast

“MLK Breakfast 2012: Reflections on the Life and Legacy of Dr. King.” February 13, 2012. MIT Tech TV. Accessed June 3, 2013.

After watching the videos, write a reflection paper (about a page double spaced or a few paragraphs) answering the following questions:

What are some of the key elements of each speech that you found interesting and/or inspiring?

What would you say if you were a student speaker at the MLK Breakfast?

See the Reflection Papers section


Option 1

Go to the Civil Rights Movement Veterans website. Read two segments from “Our Stories” and two from “Our Thoughts.” Then in your paper, just write what you read and if there is anything related to these pieces, anything from “Eyes on the Prize”, or something about the US Civil Rights Movement that you want to know more about.

Option 2

Go to American Experience’s Eyes on the Prize website. Read one of the reflections and in your paper, write which one you read, your thoughts on their reflection (not a summary—your thoughts) and if there is something more you would like to know about this issue or anything else about the US Civil Rights Movement.

See the Reflection Papers section


Write your autobiography (three to five paragraphs). Then read the autobiographies of five students you do not already know.

See the Reflection Papers section


Watch one of the episodes in the “Eyes on the Prize” documentary series. It is suggested that you watch Episode 6, “Bridge to Freedom”, but you can watch any episode.

Donnie Mossberg. “Eyes on the Prize - 06 - Bridge to Freedom, 1965.” December 4, 2012. YouTube. Accessed July 8, 2013.

Write a reflection paper on the segment you watched. Don’t write a summary—write your thoughts on what you saw in the video, and anything that came up for you that may relate to the present.

See the Reflection Papers section

5 Work on your group presentation for session 6.

Watch one of the episodes on the Frontline website and write a couple of paragraphs with your reflections.

See the Reflection Papers section


Watch one of the videos shown during Session 7 (see the Activities section), and write a few paragraphs of reflection. Make sure to watch a different video than the one you watched in class.

See the Reflection Papers section


View at least five of the following websites and submit at least one idea for either an installation or a project. Think about what you want it to look like, or what you would like it to say to the MIT/Wellesley and beyond community.

Wooster Collective (street art)

The History of Chicano Park (murals)

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art 
(For current exhibition info, go to the “in the galleries” section.)

Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center 
(Take the virtual tour of the building, but also check out the current exhibitions.)


Black Contemporary Art


Matador Network

Graphic Witness: Visual Arts & Social Commentary (historical political art)

Web Urbanist

Human Rights Watch

dmoz open directory project

art21’s Kara Walker page (check out the murals and graffiti sections)

TATSCRU: The Mural Kings (muralists for profit)

Burning Man (check out the image gallery from the archives)

Here are some sites/museums that have historical info, address issues of race and ethnicity, and may be of interest:

Dropping Knowledge

Independent Lens: The New Americans

National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel

American Family: Journey of Dreams

Matters of Race

11 Rank and choose your top five project ideas and your top five installation ideas.

Confirm your materials (availability, delivery or pickup date, and cost).

Confirm your plan and where you will be working.

Each group emails their final budgets and plans to the main facilitator.

14 Work in your groups on projects or installations.

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