During the first week of class, we will get to know one another through reading, writing, class discussions, and videos. We’ll learn some of the basics of the US Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King, and other leaders of this and other movements. There will be one small group project. We’ll begin to brainstorm about concepts for the installation or the project.

During the second week, we will complete the small group projects, watch more videos and delve more deeply into some important issues and questions through readings, personal reflections, writing and small group discussions and exercises. By the end of this week, the group will develop individual and group concepts for the installation and projects.

During the first half of the third week, we will choose the main theme and designs for the installation and projects and organize the construction of the installation or the development of the projects. Working groups will be formed and all materials will be bought. During the second part of the third week, construction will begin.

The fourth week will be devoted to completing the building and producing of the installation and organizing the projects, designing the web page, and advertising the installation or project.




Choose one of the following topics for discussion:
Topic 1: MLK Memorial Inscription Changed
Topic 2: Is MIT a True Meritocracy?

See Activity 1 in the Activities section


Most students watch “Awakenings,” Episode 1 in the “Eyes on the Prize” documentary series.

Donnie Mossberg. “Eyes on the Prize - 01 - Awakenings, 1954-1956.” December 4, 2012. YouTube. Accessed July 8, 2013.

A smaller group watches a different episode.


Multiple Identities Activity

See Activity 2 in the Activities section


Most students watch “No Easy Walk,” Episode 4 in the “Eyes on the Prize” documentary series.

Donnie Mossberg. “Eyes on the Prize - 04 - No Easy Walk 1961-1963.” December 4, 2012. YouTube. Accessed July 8, 2013.

A smaller group watches a different episode.


Students work in groups to prepare a presentation for Session 6.

See Activity 3 in the Activities section

6 Group Presentations

Students watch videos about civil and human rights activists around the world.

See Activity 4 in the Activities section


Students watch Episode 1 of “Chicano!”, a four-part series about the beginnings of the Chicano Movement.

cancerleo79. “Chicano! PBS Documentary—Quest for a Homeland.” September 19, 2011. YouTube. Accessed May 31, 2013.


Dimensions of Identity icebreaker and discussion

See Activity 5 in the Activities section


Students are divided into small groups and each group decides whether they want to do Assignment 1 or 2.

Assignment 1: Go to the “Dropping Knowledge” website
Assignment 2: What “thing” (positive or negative) does either MIT or Wellesley (or maybe both) need to address?

See Activity 6 in the Activities section


Icebreaker for the installation or project

See Activity 7 in the Activities section


Final vote for top installation and project ideas, and preliminary group formation

See Activity 8 in the Activities section


Firming up of installation or project ideas

See Activity 9 in the Activities section

14 Installation or project budgets and plans approved

Supplies picked up and delivered

Final discussions about installation and projects


Meetings with group leaders to assess progress

Students work on installation or projects

17 Students work on installation or projects

Meetings with group leaders for progress

Update students work on installation or projects

19 Final assessment of installation and projects
20 Installation in MIT Lobby 10 from February 5–13, 2013
21 Installation is taken down on February 13, 2013

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