Reflection Papers

The table below contains examples of student reflection papers assigned during the session noted.

All papers appear courtesy of MIT or Wellesley College students and are published anonymously unless specifically requested.


Reflections on MIT’s Martin Luther King Breakfast Celebration speakers

Student 1 (PDF)

Student 2 (PDF)

Student 3 (PDF)

Student 4 (PDF)


Reflections on essays from the “Eyes On The Prize: Reflections on an Era” website page

"Before the Civil Rights Movement: John Egerton" (PDF)

"Being Bused: Phyllis Ellison" (PDF)

"The Movement's Tactics: Kwame Ture" (PDF)

"Nonviolent Protests: Diane Nash" (PDF)

Reflections on stories from the Civil Rights Movements Veterans website:

Segments from "Our Stories" and "Our Thoughts" (PDF)


Student autobiographies

Student 1 (PDF)

Student 2 (PDF)

Student 3 (PDF)

Student 4 (PDF)

Student 5 (PDF)

Student 6 (PDF)

Student 7 (PDF)

Student 8 (PDF)

Student 9 (PDF)

Student 10 (PDF)

Student 11 (PDF)

Student 12 (PDF)

Student 13 (PDF)

Student 14 (PDF)

Student 15 (PDF)

Student 16 (PDF)

Student 17 (PDF)

Student 18 (PDF)

Student 19 (PDF)

Student 20 (PDF)

Student 21 (PDF)


Reflections on episodes from the “Eyes on the Prize” documentary series

"Bridge to Freedom" (Student 1) (PDF)

"Bridge to Freedom" (Student 2) (PDF)

"Fighting Back" (PDF)

"Power!" (PDF)


Reflections on episodes from the “Frontline” series

"Alaska Gold" (PDF)

"Climate of Doubt" (PDF)

"The Education of Michelle Rhee" (PDF)

"Money and March Madness" (PDF)

"Money, Power and Wall Street" (PDF)


Reflections on a speech by Malcolm X (PDF)

Reflections on Lydia Cacho (PDF)

Reflections on the "Calling All Business Minds" speech by President Barack Obama (PDF)

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