20.109 | Fall 2007 | Undergraduate

Laboratory Fundamentals in Biological Engineering

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Kuldell, Natalie H. “How Golden is Silence? Teaching Undergraduates the Power and Limits of RNA Interference.” CBE Life Sci Educ 5, no. 3 (Fall 2006): 247-254.

This paper describes the pedagogy and outcomes from an earlier version of this class.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Animations

Manipulation (follow the links through “techniques” and “amplifying DNA”)

The following links are helpful places to do further investigation into good writing:

Swan, Judith A., and George D. Gopen. “The Science of Scientific Writing.” American Scientist 78 (November-December 1990): 550-558. (PDF) - A very useful article that analyzes the structure and style of scientific writing.

Writing Up Research - A fairly comprehensive explanation of the components of the research article from the Asian Institute of Technology.

Writing in the Neurobiological Sciences - A scientific writing course from the University of Florida with many useful links.

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students - A useful resource on scientific writing from Penn State. Includes many examples and additional links.

Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences - This site provides links to instructions to authors for over 3,500 journals in the health and life sciences.

ORF finder



New England Biolabs

MIT Registry of Standard Biological Parts

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