21G.027 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Asia in the Modern World: Images & Representations


1 Introduction to the course  
Module 1: Black Ships and Samurai
2 BS & S I: Opening of Japan, beginning of Westernization; Japanese history up to Perry  
3 BS & S II: How did the Japanese visualize the Americans, and the Americans, the Japanese? Assignment 1 out
4 Facing East, facing West I Assignment 1 due
5 Transition: After Perry: Historical overview of the transition from Perry to Russo-Japanese War  
6 Group activity  
Module 2: Social Protest in Imperial Japan: The Hibiya Riot of 1905
7 Social protest and the media Assignment 2 out
8 Imperial democracy Assignment 2 due
Module 3: Transition from Hibiya to Shiseido
9 From Hibiya to Shiseido—Shiseido: consumer culture, cosmopolitanism  
10 Shiseido & modernity  
11 Conclusion of “Visualizing Japan” on edX Revision of Assignment 2 due
12 Making of “Visualizing Japan” on edX Assignment 3 out
13 Student presentations on the Shiseido assignment Assignment 3 due
14 Student presentations (cont.)  
15 Visualization and history  
Module 4: Visualizing Postwar Tokyo - UTokyo MOOC
16 Occupation and Americanism  
17 Occupation and Americanism (cont.)  
18 Imperial gaze and royal wedding  
19 Special guest lecture 1  
20 Special guest lecture 2  
21 Imperial gaze and royal wedding (cont.)  
22 Group project preparation  
23 Presenting your play about the occupation; also individual consultations on your final project  
24 “Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture” — UTokyo MOOC
25 Individual consultation for the final paper  
26 Student presentation  
27 Student presentation (cont.) Final paper due

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