21G.027 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Asia in the Modern World: Images & Representations

In-class Group Activities

The following table provides a summary of the various in-class group activities:

SES # In-class group activities
3 Image analysis of Black Ships — to be done with guests from the Waseda University.

Option 1: You are Perry and his crew. Recreate conversations leading up to the departure, then while in port in Japan. Use as much of the material as you can from VJx and VC and any other source. You can use (some) imagination while staying true to the spirit of the historical events.

Option 2: You are the Shogun. You and your closest advisors must decide whether to open up Japan as insisted by Perry. “Recreate” the debates that could have happened, being informed by what they’ve learned about Perry, and by Japan’s history up to that time.

9 How Shiseido images represent various forms of cosmopolitanism?
10 How is the modern woman depicted in the Shiseido images?
11 Critically analyze VJx.
17 Authority in photography 1 A&B.
18 Authority in photography 2 A&B.
21 Prepare a play about the occupation.

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