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Visualizing Cultures

Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 1

Four Faces of Comtemporary Japanese Architecture: Theory

MIT News about the Visualizing Japan Class of Fall 2014

MIT News on VJx nominated for the Japan Prize

Japan in Britannica

Imperialism in Asia

MGH. “Japan Tokugawa Shogunate.” August 3, 2011. YouTube. (Tokugawa leyasu)

World of Warships. “Naval Legends - Battle of Tsushima.” July 17, 2015. YouTube. (Russo-Japanese War video [17 minutes])

Benedict, Burton. “International Exhibitions and National Identity.” Anthropology Today 7, no. 3 (1991): 5–9.

Harvard GSD. “Kenzo Tange’s Yoyogi Olmypic Arena.” July 30, 2012. YouTube. (Yoyogi Olympic National Stadium [10 minutes])

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